The Union of Tarsha and Daryea Johnson, Jr. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 1.33.56 PM.png

Shot and Edited by Janelle (2018).

The Johnson Wedding Reception

Photo Courtesy of Jonathan&Hannah

Shot and Edited by Janelle (2017) .

The Gillespie Wedding Reception


Hired as a videographer to the host, Janelle captured the lively atmosphere of this cross cultural wedding.

Promotional Videos

Obima Fever


“Obima Fever” follows the journey of CJ Obima as he evolves into an elite Master of Ceremonies. Shot and Edited by Nell Dawg Productions.

Behind the Scenes with Obima Fever @ Studio Werks (2018)

Obima Fever: Wedding Recap (2019)

Obima Fever @ The Experience   (2016)

TIC Summer Camp


TIC Summer Camp is a technology based summer camp located in DC, MD, and Virginia. The videos showcased are all shot and edited during my time here (2017).

School’s Out! Welcome to Camp

Water Day @ TIC DC West

Project Spotlight

Color War Finale @ DC West


Web Series

Street Majic


Street Majic (2017) is a educational game show that tests street patrons on their knowledge of African American history and popular culture. Created, Directed, Produced, and Written by Janelle in collaboration with Musa Majic TV.

DMV Music Plug


DMV Music Plug is a pop culture blog with a following of over 80,000 people that covers music throughout the DC, Maryland, and Virginia region. This interview with up and coming artist ‘Rico Nasty’ was shot and edited by Nell Dawg Productions.

Rico Nasty on DMV Music Plug

Haute of the Press with Christine LaNia

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 5.16.48 PM

Haute off the Press (2015-2016) is a web series that explores fashion, music, and entertainment in the greater DC area. Hosted by Christine LaNia. All posted links were shot and edited by Nell Dawg Productions.

HOTP Presents Mr. “All Homage”

HOTP Presents Laced By Layy

HOTP Presents Urben Pictureman

University Philosophy


University Philosophy (2015) is the very first series created by Janelle. This show follows the format of MTV’s Guy Code and explores the social, academic, and generational aspects of Campus life.

Janelle’s Role: Producer/Director/Editor/Writer/Recurring Cast Member

University Philosophy Short 00:44
University Philosophy PSA 1:05
University Philosophy TIP 00:19
University Philosophy Promotional Video 00:56
University Philosophy Beatbox Promo 00:24

In the Den with Musa Majic


(2015) In the Den with Musa Majic is a web series created by Eddie Musa, a friend and colleague of Janelle. The show features upcoming rappers, their backgrounds, and where they plan to go with their music in the near future.

Janelle’s Role: Co-Producer/Director


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